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Advance Online Publications

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Novel strategies to target chemoresistant triple-negative breast cancer

Jaganathan Venkatesh, Arun K. Rishi, and Kaladhar B. Reddy

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Multi-kinase targeted therapy as a promising treatment strategy for ovarian tumors expressing sfRon receptor

Luyao Wang, Lin Wang, Magdalena Cybula, Ana Luiza Drumond-Bock, Katherine M. Moxley, and Magdalena Bieniasz

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Variant profiles of genes mapping to chromosome 16q loss in Wilms tumors reveals link to cilia-related genes and pathways

Eiko Kitamura, John K. Cowell, Chang-Sheng Chang, and Lesleyann Hawthorn

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Autophagy is associated with a robust specific transcriptional signature in breast cancer subtypes

Céline Grandvallet, Jean Paul Feugeas, Franck Monnien, Gilles Despouy, Perez Valérie, Guittaut Michaël, Eric Hervouet, and Paul Peixoto

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