Genes & Cancer

About the journal

Having served as the founding editor of Oncogene from 1987 to 2008 and establishing Oncogene as one of the leading cancer journals, Dr. E. Premkumar Reddy launched the journal entitled Genes & Cancer in 2010 which publishes original studies and reviews that are relevant to all aspects of cancer research, signal transduction, and developmental biology. Its Editorial Board consists of outstanding scientists who are well known for their contributions in the fields of oncogenes/oncoproteins, signal transduction, cancer therapy and other fields of biology and medicine.

One of the important goals of the Editorial Office is to shape this journal into a high impact journal. All papers appear in PMC and PubMed. Based on our calculation, Genes & Cancer will soon become a very high impact journal. Genes & Cancer is a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and other international committees.

Impact Journals, LLC meets the Wellcome Trust Publisher Requirements, and is now a member of the Wellcome Trust List of Compliant Publishers

Aims & Scope

Cancer research has entered a new and exciting phase where the convergence of information from genomics, bioinformatics and modern genetics are beginning to provide new clues into how cancer cells overcome growth regulatory pathways. To capture this excitement, Genes & Cancer covers all aspects of the structure and function of oncogenes, growth suppressor and apoptotic genes, their role in signal transduction and the mechanisms by which their expression and function are altered during tumor development. In addition to publishing manuscripts that directly relate to these areas of research, we hope to attract papers in the areas of genomics, drug development and systems biology.


According to Scopus/SJR/Journal rank, Genes & Cancer ranks Q1 (highest group), thus becoming a leading journal in the field of cancer and genetics.

Genes & Cancer is now offering Free Altmetric Article Reports as a new part of our Journal platform to provide real-time tracking of article coverage in digtial and traditional media channels, often long before traditional citations begin to accrue. Here are some resources where you can learn more about: Altmetric Analytic Software , Adding Altmetric data to your NIH Biosketch, What is the Altmetric donut , and How is your Altmetric score calculated

Interview with Dr. Magdalena Bieniasz from the Functional and Chemical Genomics Program, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA talking about their paper in Genes & Cancer Volume 7 Issue 5 - 6 "Short-form Ron is a novel determinant of ovarian cancer initiation and progression"