Genes & Cancer

Volume 5: Issue 5-6, May 2014


Issue 5-6, May 2014

About the Cover

The cover for Genes & Cancer features figure 1F ("Identification of a novel lytic peptide for the treatment of solid tumours") from Szczepanski et al.

News & Views

Ribosome biogenesis: Achilles heel of cancer?

Marjolein van Sluis, and Brian McStay

p 152-153


Research Papers

Biological significance and therapeutic implication of resveratrol-inhibited Wnt, Notch and STAT3 signaling in cervical cancer cells

Peng Zhang, Hong Li, Bin Yang, Fan Yang, Lin-Lin Zhang, Qing-You Kong, Xiao-Yan Chen, Mo-Li Wu, and Jia Liu

p 154-164

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HOXA10 is associated with temozolomide resistance through regulation of the homologous recombinant DNA repair pathway in glioblastoma cell lines

Jin Wook Kim, Ji Young Kim, Ja Eun Kim, Seung-Ki Kim, Hyun-Tai Chung, and Chul-Kee Park

p 165-174

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NDRG2 overexpression enhances glucose deprivation-mediated apoptosis in breast cancer cells via inhibition of the LKB1-AMPK pathway

Hak-Su Kim, Myung-Jin Kim, Jihyun Lim, Young Yang, Myeong-Sok Lee, and Jong-Seok Lim

p 175-185

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Identification of a novel lytic peptide for the treatment of solid tumours

Claudia Szczepanski, Olav Tenstad, Anne Baumann, Aurora Martinez, Reidar Myklebust, Rolf Bjerkvig, and Lars Prestegarden

p 186-200

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Mirk kinase inhibition targets ovarian cancer ascites

Xiaobing Deng, Jing Hu, Mary J. Cunningham, and Eileen Friedman

p 201-211

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Increased expression of Id1 and Id3 promotes tumorigenicity by enhancing angiogenesis and suppressing apoptosis in small cell lung cancer

Danqing Chen, Shiva S. Forootan, John R. Gosney, Farzad S. Forootan, and Youqiang Ke

p 212-225

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