Genes & Cancer

Volume 14 (2023)
Volume 14, 2023


Severe herpesvirus infection beats adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma

Tatsuro Jo

p 1-2


Research Perspective

Leveraging a powerful allogeneic dendritic cell line towards neoantigen-based cancer vaccines

Dalil Hannani, Estelle Leplus, Karine Laulagnier, Laurence Chaperot, and Joël Plumas

p 3-11

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CEACAMS 1, 5, and 6 in disease and cancer: interactions with pathogens

Jerin Thomas, Addison Klebanov, Sahara John, Larry S. Miller, Anil Vegesna, Richard L. Amdur, Krishanu Bhowmick, and Lopa Mishra

p 12-29

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Research Papers

VCP/p97, a pleiotropic protein regulator of the DNA damage response and proteostasis, is a potential therapeutic target in KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer

Ye S. Lee, Jennifer E. Klomp, Clint A. Stalnecker, Craig M. Goodwin, Yanzhe Gao, Gaith N. Droby, Cyrus Vaziri, Kirsten L. Bryant, Channing J. Der, and Adrienne D. Cox

p 30-49

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